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The Listening Room Vol III, No. 27

Poster for The Listening Room. Many thanks Matt Klimas for the call.

This is a tribute piece to the poster for the movie "Attack of The 50 Foot Woman"

I got some new tools in from Jetpens today. Nerded out a little too hard about that...


The Young Sinclairs/ The Diamond Center- poster (re-do)

This is a re-do of an old poster. I like it much more now.
I will be going through an extensive update of everything in the very near future.
Thanks for reading and following.


Mixtape 11

I was recently asked (nearly a year ago) by Chris Payne, founder of The Richmond Scene, to do the cover of the mix tape last year. I was really stoked about it, but also at a complete loss of what to do, given absolutely no guidelines. So I just started drawing with my dip pen. Eventually, the final below came to be. I actually cut the drawing in half a few times, redrew stuff on other sheets of paper and eventually frankenstein'd the thing back together. I then had to set it up to be screen printed...

 Triple Stamp Press screen printed it and did a mighty fine job. Espeically with all the tiny hatch marks. I couldn't believe it. The thing is only 5"x7"! I think about 500 of these got printed. inside was a CD of the best music from RVA musicians in 2011.
I asked for about 20 extra and painted them all. Then snuck them back into there piles at record stores, coffee shops and clothing stores around town. Below is one I kept for myself.

 It was originallly planned to be a two color job, but that got nixed last minute. Below was the file for that. (front/ back)



This was a commission for a friend who let me decide what to draw/ paint. This is the result, quite fun. Ink, Watercolor and some other stuff.