The Young Sinclairs/ The Diamond Center- poster

I had almost a day to do this poster, but I had a lot of fun with it. I would like to revisit the type. But nevertheless I got it off in time, and turned out pretty ok. I left a little bleed at the bottom, because i liked it for some reason. Of course I still find the sketch more interesting than the final
I'm really excited to play at this show. I've been with The Diamond Center for almost a year now and been all over the place touring and playing shows and meeting alot of great musicians and people and things are going really well. Some projects and deals are possibly in the works with us.
I'm working on another poster for a show that got canned, but I'm still going to finish it and post it soon.
Some sketchbook stuff coming soon also!


Duncan Robertson said...

YEEEEES! great choice on all of it. This is a perfect direction for you man.

bizhan said...

Surprised I missed this one. It is beautiful.