Here's a new sketchbook I just got recently, I finally have access to a scanner so, I will be posting much more often now. These past two weeks have been really rough, two family members have passed away and I am soo far behind, but my teachers have been very gracious and understanding, which I am very thankful of. I am really pushing to catch up as soon as humanly possible. So I love this sketchbook,  I think more so than the moleskine, but I do wish it had pockets, and it doesn't fit in my back pocket like the moleskine does. The paper is about as thick as the moleskine paper, and it has a nice little tooth to it, AND it has twice as many sheets and is about 1/3 less expensive. Oh, and here's a piece I did sophomore year. The assignment was to make a diptych. At the time a was really into the classic Street Fighter and the great Kuniyoshi. so I decided make it even more classic! and do a Diorama with it all. I had planned on it being a triptych, but I totally procrastinated with it, but it was alot of fun. Chun Li didn't make it in, she was a geisha, but I never got around to the third panel.  I found that sketchbook that I had lost, it was like Christmas all over again. New posts coming soon, I promise!!


caity said...

that diptych looks awesome! beautiful sketch too. I look forward to more

bird and sword said...

The second sketchbook page wins. Post more now!

The Walz Parade said...

sooper late post, I know, but that's me!! Also, where did you get that moleskine-alike sketchbook? I'm all about 1/3 cheaper!