This one gave me some trouble.

this thing took forever! ( p.s. not a very good photo) Over-painted, repainted, matte medium ( not so good idea) watercolor, gouache, oil washes, crystal clear, straight up confusing.. when I have more skills, maybe I'll do it again. I like the silhouette allot. It was fun gathering references, roosters are beautiful animals, I enjoyed the process, besides it taking almost a month to get around finishing it, well, I wouldn't call this finished... C and C PLEASE!


gumkid said...

nice drawing man, this piece has gotten a long way since the first time i saw it. and also . next time boobytrap your sketchbook with a grenade is my suggestion, so when somebody try to steal it, it will blow up and you'll know where it is

Plafstarlight said...

didnt that happen to another one of your sketchbooks? ps i like the birds, you pushed it and i think it worked!