Just got back home from the Illustration Academy, it was amazing, best thing I have ever done,one of the best experiences of my life.  really looking to go a second time in the future. special thanks to Francis for letting us crash at his place the day before the academy started. enjoy some pics and some sketchbook pages for now, it's likely there will be some more pics to come.  laterz,     WG
My workspace at the academy, didn't get much more organized than this, loved it.
Creepy awesome room 2 academy instructors shrine of wisdom..

The Hundley on the violin

George Pratt demo in my sketchbook! Aww snap!

VCU kids collaboration page, Leslie Herman,  Jenna Chew, Jeff Love, and myself


Theodore Taylor said...

... Sterling plays violin?

Good to hear you enjoyed the academy. Lots of great work, man..

Jeff Love said...

That watercolor closeup of my nose and glasses is the coolest drawing of me ever. Except maybe that one that Leslie did of me and George. I guess you two will have to fight it out to the death.

Guy Parkhomenko said...

thanks man. the academy looks like it was a blast. this is some great stuff here. i can see the strides your taking. the watercolor and ink is coming far and you line is becoming more assured. hope to see you around some time before classes start. hope all is well with you.

Francis said...

awesome, that one of jasmin is sweet!

Raven Herrera said...

wow, your sketchbook stuff keeps getting better and better, it all makes me miss miss miss sarasota, u should post babe the blue ox piece though.

M said...

great pages!