Jack and the Beanstalk

This was an in-class assignment. We had to take a fairy tale and tweak the story a bit. So I said that the giant made it down the beanstalk and chased Jack, instead of falling down the beanstalk. So, this was what was down at the end of the class period.
       I played around in the pencil stage and tried to have like, 3 or 4 giants in the background all looking for Jack, and I wanted to make then kind of rock-like, but I knew time wouldn't allow for that.
      I also tried to give the composition kind of a "quiet" area in the corner where Jack is, in the midst of chaos. I couldn't decide between line or tone while working on it.
  11"x14" on 140 lb. hotpress, Cartiera Magnani watercolor paper.

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