Figure Drawings!! (from the Sketch Books)

The first set is from Richmond's first Dr. Sketchy's, hosted by Gallery 5. I had no idea it was Dr. Sketchy's, just thought it was another gallery hosting a figure drawing session. (except that Gallery 5 is tiiiiigghht!) It was alot of fun. Music, drinks and new friends. Not sure if I will continue to go to Dr. Sketchy's though. At Dr. Sketchy's the models are not completely nude, but I feel that sometimes almost nude is worse than totally nude (which there are many variables in deciding that) in the figure drawing context. Not that the nude in the art historical and informative context is offensive, but I feel that Dr. Sketchy's overall, walks the line between class and no class at all. And thats a totally personal opinion. This session was totally classy, Maybe it'll stay that way in Richmond, if so, sweet, because it was a blast!
Model: Attila

B.P. pen, Foray Presision Point .05

I won some beast
dragon tattoos for this drawing. She was dressed as an "ice queen" and we had to incorporate fire in our sketches. Maybe I'll post myself rocking the dragon tattoos....or..maybe not....
These were done tonight at the Society of Communication Artists. I started drawing with a mechanical pencil(mistake) and then thought I would try dip pen, and that was a blast. I used my favorite, the Speedball Hunt School 56. I also used a tad of watercolor and a dried out brush pen, always have one of those handy.
I got "Dont Go Chasing Waterfalls" by TLC stuck in my head while on the last 20 minute drawing. I haven't heard that song since 3rd grade at the roller skating rinks (I'd skate so fast when that song came on...You dont even know...)
EDIT* my last post, Feb 12th, was updated with my reference photos.


Richie said...

That song is the most random song to pop up in anybody's head during figure drawing. You should've gave her that advice. "Don't go chasing waterfalls girl. Just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to."

Bombproof said...

yeah man, I didn't know what to do, haha