Anderson Gallery Student Exhibition

VCUarts recently had the annual student show for each art department, and I finally got in this year. I've entered every year and it was a great honor to be a part of the exhibition and represent the Communication Arts department. 18 pieces in all where in the show and I got 2 in, 1 being a collaboration with Jenna Chew, which I was super excited about. 
 Because of the space limitation in the gallery, they also made an online exhibition, which I had the other 4 pieces that I entered. here's the link to the online and Anderson Gallery stuff that got in. :   LINK!

                                                I took this image from the online exhibition. It's a bit overexposed, and started to get me thinking about vewing art online versus viewing the originals in galleries, etc...

From the show:
Me with the insanely talented Jenna Chew by our unintended collaboration creation.
I made a hole in the back of the cup and strung some hemp through and made a loop for them to hang it by. I was so stoked that they used it and it was really the only thing I cared about getting in, cause that would be awesome: a coffee cup, in a gallery. Sweet.

My friend Michelle stopped by and I thought I would give her some credit for posing for reference shots a MILLION times for this piece. Thanks Sis!


Annika said...

haha yay coffee cup in gallery! that certainly is sweet & the watercolor is great too

Duncan Barton said...

congrats will, the work is looking great- espacially like the last sketchbook post.

Aaron Rossell said...

Man--I really love your work on this blog. The framed piece in this post reminds me of Sam Weber's work a bit....very nice!

pablo something said...

hey i have to say "At Daylight" is still one of my favorite pieces you've done. the cropping, the color, the context, it all works really well together.