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poster by Roland Tiangco

awesome. Does it? As the digital age wears on, will a higher value or appreciation be place on the hand made or at least a hint of the hand crafted involved? I hope so. I think so. You cant deny that there is something so much more personal in the way someone draws or writes than anyone else. That person owns that. It's part of there personality and personality is something that is getting lost in so much current work these days. A personal point of view, as is stressed at the Academy, and something I think about everytime I touch a pen, pencil or paintbrush. Sure, there are faster and smarter ways of working on the computer. But it is a tool just like a brush. I guess I'll end with a quote by Barron Storey, which is the best way to end anything; "The best present you can give to anyone and your illustrations is TIME. Look good, be good and mean good."

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Jeff Love said...

Barron's quote is very close to Chris Payne's "the most valuable thing you have to offer as an illustrator is your time." Awesome post, Will. I'm enjoying where your journeys are taking you.