Gift for a friend/ Current update.

I mailed a sketchbook to a friend and decided to do a small painting (around 5x7") along with it also. She's an incredible draftsman and artist. Check her out. Much props.
I just remembered I showed a preview of the painting in a previous post. 
I realized I really love giving my work away. Anytime someone says they like something, in my head I always reply, "do you want it?" But for now, where I am, one of the most helpful things has been able to constantly pull out some old/recent pieces and learn from those; what I did well,(very little)  what I didn't, (alot) what I need to improve on (everything). Its based on  something I read in The Art Spirit by Robert Henri. By far one of my favorite books and one I recommend constantly.  
I have a few more things in progress/finished that I just need to take some time to properly photograph and edit. Currently I am also a full time Graphic Design student, this being my second major, my first being Communication Arts, VCU's Illustration course, which I finished this past spring. I didn't graduate, but I walked with my buddies that I had learned and grew with the past 3 years.
Plan to see a little bit more of everything on my blog; illustration, photography, maybe some design based stuff too. I'm excited to make this a little more personal and enjoyable for myself and hopefully for everyone and anyone who stops by. Thanks for following, I appreciate it greatly. 
If your interested and have twitter, I post some in progress  and studio shots on twitter and some stuff that I might not post on my blog  +http://twitter.com/WilliamGodwin+

Here's currently what's on my drafting table, a gift/birthday present for another friend. Really excited about this piece. It's taking a loooong time and I can't wait to share.
That's all for now, thanks! Later!


dadu shin said...

you're like...the best. wish i could make sterling's show. anyways stay cool man!

Orlando Sanchez said...

I love the piece Will, great water color skills. I also hope great success in your new ventures into the graphic design world.

Bombproof said...

Thanks Orlando, Illustration is still mack. Can't wait to catch up at the Sterling Show this week man!

April S said...

Wow - graphic design too(!) I'm looking forward to keeping up with your new stuff.