Last Weekend: Sterling Hundley, friends and photos

Last weekend was awesome.
Jenna Chew stopped by and generously prepared a few Alaskan Salmon that she caught while up there this summer for me and my roomate and artist, Duncan Robertson.
I made rice...

So good, you wouldn't know what to do with yourself. Be jealous.

Sterling Hundley's show opened last friday at the Ghostprint Gallery. I was graciously invited to the preview on thursday night, and bought my first work of art. Number 1 in the "Anon" series pictured above. It was pretty overwhelming and something I won't forget.
My buddy Francis Vallejo drove up from Florida to see the show and crashed with us for the weekend. We headed back to the show on Saturday to spend some quality time in the gallery and try and digest it all. It was pretty incredible.
Stopped at Richmond's sketchiest bookstore and snagged up some sweet prints and comics.
Headed over to grab some coffee and draw with Tin Salamunic and Patrick Benbow
Francis, Duncan and I were invited to stop by Sterling Hundleys house and man oh man. what a place. Paintings and Illustrations by my heroes, wall to wall. We got to see the garage studio, and a million illustrations and paintings, and drink his coffee. Delicious. Thats me about to eat all of his illustrations. Thanks Sterling.

Last weekend was awesome.


Orlando Sanchez said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, wish I could have gone too.

Katia said...

I might have to kill you

Briana Hertzog said...

I'm jealous! It was good to be back in Richmond and see everyone again!

Francis Vallejo said...


MingYeah said...

rice and salmon i'm jealous lol