At long delay, here I am. I have my own scanner! it's been 2 1/2 years since having my own, I usually go to a library or use my friends. This, in theory, should equal to more posts.
So, I finished my first semester in Graphic Design at VCU....Tough stuff. All expectations dead wrong, for good and for bad. But I've learned a TON of stuff, and I'm siked to have a break to crank out some work and for a new start next semester.
I really have nothing worth posting from the past semester, besides working in my sketchbook.
I have a large painting in progess and a buch of 35mm photos that I will post soon. I am also about to start illustrating and designing a really rad Richmond bands new album. But for now: here ya go:

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Autumn Kulaga said...

I love that orange tree! Soo much feeling :) Cant wait to see progress photos of the large painting!