I only had half a day to complete this from drawing to screen print so i just started drawing on tracing paper with a micron (haven't used one of those in  while...) and had several other layers of tracing paper with ink washes for the diferent colors in the print

Overall I think I like the original drawing on tracing paper best.
this guy is my favorite.

I made about 7 of them because I dint set up any registration marks. I had to eyeball every pull and made sure it fit. The last layer was the black line work screen, and I wouldn't know if I got all the colors printed in the right place till I screen printed the line work. I can say with confidence that every print is VERY different from the next. :)
  below is screen printed only. 5 color screen print.
for the rest of them I applied watercolor washes                                        

For my first screen print of the year I'm pretty ok with it. My inspiration for this piece was the movie, Mongol, Godzilla, Shadow of the Colossus, Contra,   and Josh Cochran's Zombies vs Unicorns. I was asked what the narrative was and that got out of control in the best way possible. I have a few left if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

***strong possibilty that I was also subconsciously inspired by fellow illustrator  Cam Floyd's ATTACK . his is way better though.***

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Sam said...

looks awesome will- i dig the inkin/tracing technique. Had a friend who used to do a vriation on that with white-out and xeroxes.