Internet Neutrality PSA

I recently completed a Public Service Announcement  addressing Internet Neutrality. It was a group project which included myself, Austin Laverty and Ada Cooke.  It took 3 weeks to build the sets, by trial and error and the shoot took about 14 hours. We only had one shot at it since after every scene was completed, a number of the legos used in the completed scene were recycled for the next scene.

Net Neutrality PSA from VCUdesign on Vimeo.

Internet neutrality is what the state of the internet is in right now, anyone is free to browse the internet, unrestricted. What is at risk is that internet service providers such as Comcast and Verizon want  to be able to control what content is available under their subscriptions. Depending on your subscription, the more money you pay the more websites you will be able to access, plus faster loading times. Your internet subscriber will also have the power to block any of their competitors websites and any websites they want to. So right now, the term of net neutrality exists. The competitors are neutral and not screwing everyone over.
So, how we can keep the internet neutral, is by going to Savetheinternet.com and get involved in a number of ways.


dadu shin said...

hey dudeee this is so sickkkkkk!

BristolDunlap said...

agreed. soooooo sick