Screen Printing: Four color printing (CMYK)

 Finished my first class in Screen Printing this semester. I've done it casually, but never taken a class in it.
One thing I enjoyed the most was screen printing my photographs.
 Each one of these suckers is 18" X  24". They took a long time to register and print. want one? Some are just three color prints, cyan, magenta and yellow, some are made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

 11"x17ish" I have no idea what this ones about. I designed it while speaking in a british accent. So read the text while speaking in your best european-ish accent, and maybe you'll get it...
 postcards. Seriously, I could not get one print to turn out the same. Ever. But I actually like that.

I'll post more later. thanks for stopping by! -Will


Leslie Herman said...

I want one!

Edward Kinsella III said...

These are great William! I hate to tell you this, but a lot is not one word.

Duncan Robertson said...

Best post in the history of all posts in all internet existance!