Wedding Invitations!

I had the joy of designing and printing wedding invitations for two dear friends of mine, Amanda Dodson (now Amanda Hays) and Christian Hays. 

I was given a stack of these blank cards with a green border on them. After many roughs and mock ups that just were not working, they described what they wanted for the invites as "simple and woodsy" and bam. that was all the information I needed.  And so I printed over 300 of these suckers each (so around 600 cards total) from my printer for nearly 14 hours straight. Fun and nerve-racking, but incredibly rewarding.
I also decided to hand letter all of the text. I had no idea how long that was going to take me, but I really didn't want to do the traditional extra-scripty typeface. They wanted the cursive script, but the long flourishes of the run of the mill wedding invitations just didn't fit them. The hand written type fit that balance and they and I both were very happy with the results. Plus the wedding was in a barn. awesome.

 I also had the pleasure of learning and then  playing mandolin for their wedding. Also nerveracking as crap since a month prior to the wedding I had never played a stinking mandolin in my life! But the same goes; nerve-racking but an incredible honor. Thanks for asking and trusting me to play in your wedding Amanda, and Jana for helping me out with the songs!

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