Last semester studio/community

Last semester, (the last semester of school for me. probably ever. hopefully) I basically moved into VCU's Graphic Design building, known as 1509. It helped not being 3 feet from my bed while doing work. Once I moved in and got cozy, another designer moved in, Melissa Vaughn, and then another, Matt Boteihlo. This became my core community my last semester studying Graphic Design. Community was something I really missed while in Graphic Design until I found it with these two people. It was a totally different feeling than Illustration, and something I think carries over into the professional field with both industries. Community is stressed and a much more important factor in the Illustration community than the design community, I think mostly because with Illustration, it's almost all freelance which means almost always working alone, while with Design, it's mostly small or large firms = human contact on a more consistent level.

 Luckily, we all liked working in low light.
It was the best and most productive semester I've had in school. forget the haters. work hard and be nice to poeple. It's really that simple.


Cricket, Matt's dog.

 Behind Matt, we had a giant chair from Melissa's place and a coffee maker. It was tight. I wish I took more photos of the whole space.

If you're a rising senior in the design program or anyone in their last few years of school, build your community, the more the better. The more diversity in people and different majors the better.  Learn from each other, don't be an island. And for freaking goodness sake, don't see each other as competition. Be a part of the whole.

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