1865 Cover

This was the cover to my graphic novel that  I had to write and illustrate for my Comics and Graphic Novels class, taught by Tin Salamunic. I just thought that this was my comic and I thought it would be rad to have Abe Lincoln riding a Grizz... Thats about it for the concept...My story was  Civil War fiction, with... lots of stuff. Cranked this out in one sitting after the Sterling Hundley demo, 8 hours,  pen and ink, 11 x 17


caity said...

Oh man, I'm glad I found your blog! That cover was so awesome in class, I meant to ask you to email it to me but I forgot. You did a really good job on it, dude. Keep up the great work!!

SalamunicArt said...

hey man....thanks for your crit....as you can tell..I'm so damn european when it comes to sports..LOL !
On another note, you've been kicking butt with these drawings...you need to post the sequentials as well man...GOOD JOB!!!

gumkid said...

hey WILL wassup man, didnt know you had a blogger, nice sequentials