Brian Jones rides hard

I did this a few weeks ago for myself, but mostly for my friend Brian who is an amazing graphic designer and friend. As he was making his move from san Francisco  to Chicago to join basically the sickest design firm in the country, everything he owned was stolen. I was speechless like everyone else who heard about it. It took me a while afterwards to get started on this, but my friend Alana was putting together a huge box of stuff that all of us here at VCU were going to send him so that helped motivate me to get this done. I totally didn't finish my school  projects the week I did this, but I didn't care. Brian is a huge influence in how I push myself to do bigger and better things with art. He's the man. Check out is blog on my links list. But I thought this piece kinda showed what he was going through, but no matter what, he can't be stopped and he always looks ahead. Brian Jones, this ones to you.
9 x 22 ink

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