All the Kings horses and all the Kings men...

This is for an ESPN article about the unwritten code of toughness in the NFL and how the players, if they aren't rehabing they're bodies, then it's their reputation. I did the drawing the night I got back from the Illest of Ill at Ringling (which was amazing! update on that later though) and then inks and color, etc, the next night. Well, it so happened that I accidentally used water based ink, so as I put down the first stroke of my color wash........I freaked out. but that was just for a second, luckily, Leslie Herman was close by and said, "just keep going. No such thing as mistakes. Barron Storey that jam."  so, I did( as in, I tried). kept the strokes downward and I thought the smearing ink looked cool. then for some reason I spray fixed it....why, I don't know, really, I have no reason..I hate spray fix anyway, So then I put some matte medium so the piece could actually accept some acrylic. and so it came along,then I marker transferred some half-tone dots that I xeroxed and blew up and shrunk down to different sizes. and that was it. a pretty successful piece from happy mistakes and trucking through the mess. AND I got to flex my Raphael Kolinsky brushes, which was a blast! (I got them at %70 off, they're freaking expensive! but wonderful, is this really neccesary? sorry!) It was much more enjoyable than the original plan I had in mind. thanks for reading, let me know what you think, waht I could do better. Preciate it,


stefanie lutz said...

Hey. The dots transfer is really interesting. Some of the guys in the back don't seem to be as well resolved as the football player or the man in the front. The helmet is really nice. One thing I might suggest would be to push back the whites so that they aren't the same shade as the helmet, that way the football player as well well as the helmet will be more of the main focus.

Oliver Dominguez said...

Hey Will, hows it going? Great job on this piece. Love the composition, but I think you could of resolve the other people around a little more but over all its a great illustration. keep it up man...., your sketchbooks are AWESOME MAN!!!



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willgodwinToo said...

i love the composition and execution. I'm no artist, so can't really comment on technique; just really like it; actually, I like all your work I'm seeing here. Like Oliver says, your sketchbooks are awesome and so are the stories about how and why each work came about. Nice to find this.
Will Godwin, Too in Austin TX