The painting and printmaking department hosted an open encaustic workshop a few weeks ago. it was sweeeeet! they had demos and free wax samples; lots of techniques that could be applied effectively to illustration and really any medium. They let anyone play around with all the different techniches on boards. I did a few things on the boards, and my sketchbook. the above has a layer of wax over most of the page on the right and a gazelle head sealed with wax on top of the skater. there are also a few different transfer techniques in there. below is whats under the gazelle head, haha. the gazelle is still there, dont worry.
Anyways, really digging the pencil lately.

                                                                   G  &  V


M said...

great pages - like all the experimentation you've been doing lately.

Guy Parkhomenko said...
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Guy Parkhomenko said...

great stuff will. the laundry room is really nice.

Vikki Chu said...

awesome sketches! and awesome piece in your latest post. i really like how much you're experimenting in your sketchbook. the business guest speaker guy is hilarious. and creepy.

p.s. the gorilla drawing is from my sketchbook, but i'll totally make a nice copy or print of it for you if you want.

Vikki Chu said...

and for free, of course.