It's been too long, A quickie

Wow, It's been more than a month since I updated, not cool, cause I have tons and tons of work to post. This is my most recent.....thing I made. It was a poster for a local show, about 2 hours on this one;I really didnt give myself as much time as I wanted to take on it. But I think its a fun graphic poster.
  with alot of problems, like why is the address of the show not contained with the word bubble and the text so inconsistent? same with the time of the show. I could blame it on the fact the it was 5am, but what kind of excuse is that? a lame one, thats what. 
but it was fun and thats what counts, this time at least, WOO!


Guy Parkhomenko said...

yo will. great poster, i look forward to seeing all the other stuff. we still gotta get together soon and draw. i've got a couple books you need to check out as well.

caity said...

that's great! i love those guys, shellshag are cool dudes. but where does it say the date of the show?

stefanie lutz said...

I like the idea, but it would've been cooler if you had more time to work on it. Made the type more fixed width and chunkier. Where's the rest of your stuff?!