Thanksgiving sketch

Here's a sketch from thanksgiving day in a 7.5 x 10 Global art leather bound sketchbook. This is by far one of my favorite sketchbooks to work in. It's the same sketchbook I was working in last spring and over the summer, but twice the size. The paper can take any medium, the 5x7 size are cheaper than moleskines (7.5 x 1o is around 23 dollars), and have TWICE the amount of pages(100 sheets/ 200 pages). The paper has a slight tooth thats also really nice. I find moleskines limiting in experimentation with ink watercolor and various media. I personally like to do alot of experimenting in my sketchbook, and find that the global art sketchbooks are a fine fit. Highly recommended.

**I tried to publish this post thanksgiving night, but the internet is so slow at my house, and now a week later,..yeah, anyway, bye.


Jeff Love said...

Sweet page, Will. I'm going to have to get one of those - it seems like the moleskines are getting worse, every time I put a drop of water on the paper it completely disintegrates and leaves all these weird splotchy marks as it dries.

Hope all is well with you.


Vikki Chu said...

aw, it looks like you had a beautiful thanksgiving. ANd you got an awesome drawing out of it.
i totally agree about those sketchbooks. i think i'm hooked on them for good.

Plafstarlight said...

dear will
you kick ass
reference to but not limited to your sketchbook page and Leslie portrait

esskay said...

Will, your work is AMAZING, very inspiring. I finally got a blog, maybe I will start posting some of my work as well. Hope you are having an awesome holiday!

-sarah keane