A page from the trusty 'ol book.

Thought I'd share a page that I would work on between classes. Big sketchbook and Painting and tools of the trade post coming soon!!  A Thank you to the people who have left kind words and honest critiques in previous posts.  Thanks!! check back soon! 


Jasmin Mora said...

I dig.

the playing of colors is great here. It seems like you were playing with the whole thing actually!... and that's what makes it fun to look at.

Jeff Love said...

Cool. Bart Forbes was someone John English told me to look at when I showed him Victor Ambrus's work.

Bombproof said...

Thanks, I really like that guys stuff. It hard to find alot of Vitor Ambrus's stuff online. Might as well buy some i guess.

Richie said...

I [bleep]'n LOVE arrows!!!!