Watercolor+ink/ Passing of one of the Greats..

Man, it's cold in RVA today ...Finished this a few days ago. It's from one of my favorite photos in a book I bought called Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents. (Its an awesome book) It was to give me something to do over the parts of winter break while I was home and explore and experiment with watercolor some more. the line work was done fast and loose and the watercolor slow and tight(er). Done on 2 ply Bristol Vellum. I was looking forward to working on the paper as it bent and warped a little bit. the dried final isn't warped to bad though, just has a little bit of extra character. 

Also earlier this morning Andrew Wyeth passed away. I've had books of his from my grandpa since highschool. And I finally got to see an original in person in December at the MoMA. 

This is a picture I took of the piece, and though it's a bad photo, I just thought I would upload my own because it was the most memorable piece for me to see and left one of the greatest impression on me of any work of art I've seen in person. 


David Sweck said...

Damn, I had not heard that yet. :(

But the watercolors are looking freakin great man. I especially like how you handled that tattoos.

esskay said...

i saw you on your bike the other day! incredible work will, as always.

montres henderson said...

yo lovin you sketchbook posts.. lovin it man foreal.