Project Winterfood

not what it looked like in the show(wompwomp), buuut this is the finish

I participated in Project Winterfood, put on by the DesignRebels of VCU Graphic Design at the end of last semester. There was some awesome work featured.
Heres a basic synopsis:

"Project Winterfood will house an art exhibition made up of work that celebrates three winter foods: apples, spinach and sweet potatoes. The artwork has been donated by local artists and will be on sale during the exhibition. All proceeds from the artwork will go to benefit The Central Virginia Food Bank and Gallery 5, a non-profit gallery that supports using the arts to promote positive social action....The team at Project Winterfood is passionate about sharing and preserving food culture. It is our mission to share with others in the community how easy, accessible, practical, beneficial, inexpensive, and fun it is to utilize local food options. Project Winterfood is reaching out to everyone— those who already enjoy farm fresh foods and those who have heard the phrase “eating locally” without getting a chance to learn what it’s really all about."
So, I started this the night before the show, I wish I stopped shortly after taking this picture:
But alas, I had too much fun overworking it. Fun nonetheless
I picked the piece up after the show, nearly puked seeing what I had turned in, and knew what I wanted to do. 5 minutes later:
It now felt much more like Winter, instead of Summer on an acid trip.
Watercolor, acrylic, pastel, ink and charcoal on Rivas BFK. Almost tore a few holes in that stuff, but I really love how watercolor and pastel react on it.

It's been a while ya 'ol blog.

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