Beastie Boys Type Poster

This is an expressive type poster with the complete discography of the Beastie Boys. After a ton of Reasearch, I think I got everyhting they did, but I probably didn't, because they do, and have done so stinking much. For the "Beastie Boys" treatment, I wrote out their name well over 20 times, scrapped the bad ones cut up the good ones and collaged what was remaining. Then I wrote out all the content straight with ink. Somehow, all the content fit perfectly and their was just enough room in the bottom corner for my initials. As one the longest lives hip hop groups with a tenacious DIY attitude, I hoped to bring some depth to the poster, and do it by hand. I was happy to be the only one to turn in a poster that wasn't printed. I left some edges unglued/ hanging off to further the rawness and attitude of the BBoys, but some people didn't really get it. too bad. 18x24" Sumi ink on paper. and glue.


Bags said...

Look great man!

I really dig the cut & paste method on Beastie Boys


Francis Vallejo said...


if it was ever reproduced, newsprint would be dope!

Theodore Taylor said...

This is sick.

Anonymous said...

funky monkey

Bombproof said...

Thanks yall. definitely looking to get it printed on newsprint.let me know if anyone wants a copy once i get em printed!