Nick Coward and the Last Battle- CD release!

Nick Coward and The Last Battle had their CD release show last week at The Camel in Richmond VA. I designed/illustrated the album art and hand lettered the type. It was a very long but very rewarding process and seeing them play again was the cherry on top. The final printed cover was much darker than the original colors, but I was totally ok with that.

 It came in a sleeve like a record would.

It was a great show, I'm really close with the bands that played before them and there was lots of friends in attendance. Heres their mypace: http://www.myspace.com/nickcoward
They wanted something based off of the midevel era woodcuts; simple, almost naive. Their lyrics are full of mythology, metaphors and epic narratives so I had a TON of ideas and just gave them a slough of ideas and thumbnails and they decided on the idea that is seen here. So I went with it.
Any time I started planning out anything, placement of the figures, the type, what was going to be in the picture, I would get super frustrated, so I just started drawing at the bottom with a 6B pencil and worked my way up the page and it turned out pretty ok!


margaux said...

wow congrats! It looks great even though it did print darker.

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Annika said...

looks fantastic will! I hope you are doing well :)

Julia Hodges said...

Congratulations, Will!! That is so awesome!

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