Screen Printing- chalk pastel

Blackfoot in Full Feather, 20x30ish on stonehenge 

I've been trying out screen printing with chalk pastels. you basically draw with chalk pastels on a blank, stretched screen (on the side that will be touching the surface you are printing on) and instead of pulling ink across the screen in a traditional screen printing manner, you pull transparent base and it transfers the image you've drawn with chalk pastels onto the paper/surface. this guy took about 4.5 hours from drawing to final print.

It feels very primitive drawing on a screen with chalk pastels. you cant blend and you really have to dig into the screen, especially if it's  very fine mesh. ALSO, you only get one print. So it's really a monotype screen print. at first I really liked the ghostprint much more, now I think I like the first pull best.

ghostprint (2nd pull) with my feet for scale :)


AllisonGood said...

that's redonk.

which means 'that's ridic'

esull said...

will, this is so beautiful!!

April Sage said...

Wow! What was your inspiration for this one?