I took a Book Arts class this last semester of school which was rad. This was one of my "books"

This project was inspired by a Sufjan Stevens song, Vesuvius.  My goal was to mix in a little bit of (almost) everything I love: Design, Illustration, narratives and Sculpture. And then being a three-dimessional piece, incorporating photography to photograph it. (A note on that: On my last tour to Austin with The Diamond Center in April, I lost my main camera setup Canon 30D and IS lens... Luckily, still have my Rebel and was able to bring it back from the grave)

Underneath the Volcano, is a book slipcase and book telling the story of the couple in the landscape traveling to the volcano.
  It was an interesting challenge working with a triangular shaped book and triangular compositions with and actually very fun with the illustrations.
dip pen, digital color and wacom tablet for the typography.
 The trees and bushes etc. the the type is set on, are the shrubbery files that I used in the physical 3D landscape.


Here are the drawings.

I forgot the one below in the final book. It acted as a rest between the forest spirit page and second to last page before they hurl themselves in to the volcano (spoiler alert)
 warmup drawing with the dip pen. It's been quite a while. but I really dig this drawing.
 mock ups. I like the first one the most of the entire project. OH WELL.


hayleeherrick said...

Wow Will, this is absolutely original. I would LOVE a copy!

emelex said...

will... incredible. i want to see it in person