The Listening Room Vol III, No. 27

Poster for The Listening Room. Many thanks Matt Klimas for the call.

This is a tribute piece to the poster for the movie "Attack of The 50 Foot Woman"

I got some new tools in from Jetpens today. Nerded out a little too hard about that...


The Young Sinclairs/ The Diamond Center- poster (re-do)

This is a re-do of an old poster. I like it much more now.
I will be going through an extensive update of everything in the very near future.
Thanks for reading and following.


Mixtape 11

I was recently asked (nearly a year ago) by Chris Payne, founder of The Richmond Scene, to do the cover of the mix tape last year. I was really stoked about it, but also at a complete loss of what to do, given absolutely no guidelines. So I just started drawing with my dip pen. Eventually, the final below came to be. I actually cut the drawing in half a few times, redrew stuff on other sheets of paper and eventually frankenstein'd the thing back together. I then had to set it up to be screen printed...

 Triple Stamp Press screen printed it and did a mighty fine job. Espeically with all the tiny hatch marks. I couldn't believe it. The thing is only 5"x7"! I think about 500 of these got printed. inside was a CD of the best music from RVA musicians in 2011.
I asked for about 20 extra and painted them all. Then snuck them back into there piles at record stores, coffee shops and clothing stores around town. Below is one I kept for myself.

 It was originallly planned to be a two color job, but that got nixed last minute. Below was the file for that. (front/ back)



This was a commission for a friend who let me decide what to draw/ paint. This is the result, quite fun. Ink, Watercolor and some other stuff.


Bellytimber Tavern

Not only do I work under my boss (Visionary / Creative Director) Gabe Ricioppo at Need Supply Co, but also as a Designer and Illustrator for his own firm, Serious&Ly. The same creative team of Need Supply Co also makes up the firm Serious and Ly; myself, Eric Wolinksy and Gabe.
These are Illustrations for Bellytimber Tavern, a local restaurant in Richmond Va. Serious and Ly also developed the website and identity system for Bellytimber. Gabe had the idea of building the lore of Bellytimber around an epic battle between an eagle and bear.

original drawing, ballpoint pen on paper, 18x24"

This guy is on the to go menu

watercolor on bond, 8.5 x11
These two are how they've been implemented in two magazine format's for RVA Magazine and a photo book they put out.