Yes, I'm still drawing...

....Despite having been glued to my computer screen endlessly fighting applications (If the adobe creative suite had a face I would punch it) and coding (a language I found cold, entirely emotionless and unforgiving language. Those of you who code in HTML, etc, know what I mean...)
So, heres about 4-5 months worth of selected sketchbook stuff.

My pocket sized moleskine. Yes those of bite marks on the left.

I've been trying to write like an architect/ like my Grandpa because I always thought it looked cool, so if you see you're name, it's just cause I was trying to practice. Not a hit-list... well, maybe...

Went to and played at Macrock and hung out with Lisa Puckett

I got to do alot this past few months. I went on tour with a band I am now a part of, The Diamond Center. My sketchbook and camera kept me occupied during long drives and waiting to play. It was an amazing experience. I took a ton of photos while on tour also. See them here on my flickr site.

No matter where we ended up or who's couch we crashed on there was always a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

(end of tour sketches...)

Learning to run sound

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Raven Herrera said...

good gracious, glad to see ull always be an illustrator at heart:)